Campaign information BEXUS 2 (2004)

On the 26th of February 2004 a balloon of the size of 10.000 m3 was successfully launched. The balloon reached 9 hPa which means around 27 km. The landing took place in the Northern part of Finland, closed to the Russian border.

Students from different years and courses from the Kiruna Space and Environment University Campus and from Hjalmar Lundboms school and the Space High School, were involved in the BEXUS II project. This means that different groups of students met and got the chance to work together on the basis of their respective areas of competence. The implementation wasmade in cooperation with a project leader from the Esrange Space Center.

Read more at the student's Bexus 2 page.

Contact persons:
Mr T. Hedqvist, SSC Esrange, Project manager
Mr M. Inga, Subproject manager for experiments for university students, KRM